About us

About us

“Shincertificate” LLC is an accredited independent qualified company carring out following activities in construction industry, in accordance to accreditation system of Armenia (License Certificate – 048/T-053, 017/S-019):

  • Laboratory testing of materials and products used during construction
  • Certification of construction product and materials
  • Quality technical supervision
  • Investigation of the technical condition of buildings and structures
  • Building Indoor physical condition and Occupational Exposure measuring and evaluation (building microclimate)
  • A variety of consulting services in the field of construction maintenance.

"Shincertificate" LLC has a quality management system certified by a reputable German TUV NORD company in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 international standard, which ensures the effective operation of the organization to meet the requirements of customers.

“Shincertificate” LLC provides services in accordance with following principles - “objective”, “independent”, “impartial” and “reliable”.

“Shincertificate” LLC Certificate Body is a leader not only in accreditation compliance certification system of RA but also in quality and effectiveness of services provided. The company has experienced and qualified professional staff in the field of construction to satisfy the quality of services provided and clients expectations.

Our Construction Material Testing Laboratory is furnished with modern equipment to perform tests according to number of building materials and products, such as cement, sand for construction works, concrete and reinforced concrete building structures, concrete admixtures, high-density and fine-grained concretes, light concrete, buildings and structures, electrodes for arc welding, window blocs, ceramic bricks, stones and tiles, polymeric and plastic products, construction stones, facing slabs, steel products used for concrete reinforcement viscous bitumen etc.

Our Construction Physics laboratory is performing the evaluation of building energy efficiency or building Indoor physical condition via occupational exposure measurements (building microclimate) such as air humidity, air temperature, wind velocity, thermo-radiation, illumination intensity, air dust emission, as well as thermal conductivity, humidity, density, water absorption, compressive strength, self – igniting time of insulating constructional materials.